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                             THE SIGNIFICANCE OF PHONETIC ABILITIES AT THE BEGINNER STAGE                                                          OF LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE        


Pashkovskaya Svetlana Sergeevna, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of Russian as a foreign language, Penza State pedagogical University named after V. G. Belinsky, 

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The article deals with the questions phonetic skills. Phonetic skills are basic for foreign language acquisition. Phonetic skills depend on training his mental functions (qualities of high cognitive processes). An objective feature, that is very important for successful achievement of phased and final goals of teaching a foreign language, is the degree of development of phonetic skills as a necessary constituent part of language skills. 

Key words

Phonetic skills, musical skills, phonetical tests, an educational programme, quality criteria, principles of tests, the principle of phonology, phonematic hearing, accentual hearing, intonational hearing. 

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